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Inner Beauty, Outer Beauty

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Natural Lift website. It has been long in coming but finally here we are. We hope that the information is helpful to you and your friends. Over time we will add a calendar so that you can make your appointment online if you so desire.

Not only do we have a website but a blog as well. My intention for the blog is to share our tips and secrets on beauty, health and wellness. We will also give you links to online articles on pertinent topics.

For this first installment I want to talk to you about skincare.

One gets the most out of a Microcurrent facial when products high in active ingredients are applied during the treatment and when one continues with these products in an at  home care regimen.

At the Natural Lift we use the Michele Corley line. My clients always ask me why I have chosen this line. The first reason is that these products are high in active ingredients. The second reason is that they are a great value.

Michele Corley Retinol Products
Michele Corley Retinol Products

In my experience the amount of active ingredients determine whether a product is worthwhile buying or not.  An “active “ product is able to penetrate to the dermis where it helps to heal the skin from within. If a product is low in active ingredients it will stay on the surface. It might temporarily make the skin look better but no actual transformation takes place.

I have a heard a dermatologist, Dr Ben Johnson, say that the skincare industry has a difficult task. Skincare is supposed to heal and embellish however the skin is designed to keep foreign elements out. This presents a problem unless ingredients are used that penetrate to the dermis.

These active ingredients need to be present in high enough doses in order to be effective. A professional line such as the Michele Corley line distinguishes itself from a department store or drug store line by the adequate use of active ingredients. The price of the product is determined by the amount of active ingredients used.

In short , the products in the MC line are highly active and used in amounts that guarantee success. And the price is far below a department store product. The first active ingredient that I would recommend to anyone is a form of retinol or retinoic acid. The first one is a more natural non-prescriptive cost effective product and the second on is a rather pricey prescription version.

I prefer the non prescription form called Retinol Repair in the MC line.

But you might want to read up on this in Ezines. Here is a link to their understanding. http://EzineArticles.com/?id=2566666

In the next installment I will talk about other important active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Peptides and the latest sunscreens.

Until Then,


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