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Eveline Byington

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

Founder of The Natural Lift

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Just like The Natural Lift, the story behind Eveline’s start in the business is kind of magical. She learned directly with Teresa Luchetta, a student of Dr. James Suzuki, the founder of Bio-Therapeutic and a scientist who played a key role in developing microcurrent devices for medical and aesthetic purposes. This remarkable opportunity to learn from Theresa gave Eveline a deep understanding of the technology and how to best use it, and this is something her clients feel every time they see her. Though they may not exactly know why, they do know they’re in good hands.

Teresa introduced Eveline to microcurrent technology in 2001. Bell’s palsy had left Eveline’s face crooked from paralysis, and she was interested in finding a natural solution. Teresa, who had worked with Dr. Suzuki and was even present at the inception of the first facial toning device, told Eveline about microcurrent, about Dr. Suzuki and about her experiences with the technology. It seemed more than worth a try.

Teresa worked with Eveline to bring back her muscle functionality and straighten her face. “I was really impressed, and thought…. Hmmmm….,” she says. This was the beginning of what has become a very successful career. Eveline attributes much of this success to having learned from someone with direct practical experience who deeply understands the technology.

Facial toning immediately appealed to Eveline as a business idea because it is in perfect alignment with things that have always been important in her life—including yoga, physical fitness and holistic health—and with her other career paths. Born in Amsterdam, schooled in Europe, having worked in the fashion industry in Europe, New York and LA, and a skilled counselor and psychotherapist, she realized that facial toning would tie all those things together.

Eveline’s unique perspective and clear understanding of microcurrent technology are key ingredients in the recipe for The Natural Lift’s success. But also in the mix is her talent for creating a relaxing and nurturing environment that people enjoy returning to again and again. The joy she takes in this and in providing a feeling of beauty and wellbeing to others is evident in every aspect of The Natural Lift.

“One of the things that is most rewarding about this work,” says Eveline, “ is helping people age gracefully as well as beautifully. I’ve got great clients of all ages, and many of them have been coming to me since the beginning—for over ten years. I’ve seen how they’ve aged compared to other women their ages who don’t do facial toning, and the difference is noticeable and even sometimes dramatic. Facial toning goes beyond traditional skincare, and beyond invasive medical procedures.”

Eveline currently lives and works in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, near Lake Chapala. She is available for facial toning sessions there. Use our contact page and we will put you in contact with her for availability and pricing.