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Genie Ohashi

“I say yes when I mean no and the wrinkle grows.” ~ Naomi Shahib Nye

Natural Uplifter of Face and Spirit

Health and beauty inside and out. That’s what Genie is about.

“What’s your secret? What do you do?”, are questions Genie has heard most often after she turned 40, always looking about twenty years younger than she is. Her answer was, “I’ve learned to forgive myself a lot, am a recovering perfectionist, and used a good eye cream”. Until she met Eveline Byington and learned about The Natural Lift.

Whether others could see it or not, Genie could see the aging in her own face. Crows feet, a droop in her eyelids, the beginning of jowls – all were disheartening for her. Not being one for adding artificial ingredients to food much less to her face, learning about facial toning with microcurrent technology intrigued her. She immediately felt happy and hopeful after her first session with Eveline. She had found a way to maintain how she sees herself. It truly lifted her spirits.

Genie has been expertly trained in the Byington Method of facial toning by Eveline and has been an associate facial toning practitioner since early 2013 and took over the business in San Rafael, California in 2019. Formerly a corporate leadership and communication facilitator and an insurance executive, in addition to being a Beauty Therapist, she is also a photographer, road biker, hula dancer, climber and alternative food coach. She obtained her Esthetician License in 2024. The connection that Genie has with her clients is one of the most wonderful and unexpected elements of her career. “We laugh, tell stories, talk through difficulties—sometimes I’m able to offer a piece of information or wisdom from my background that helps someone resolve a situation, or I receive valuable insight that I can pass onto others,” she says. “I also get a very deep level of satisfaction when someone snoozes away during a session—that makes me feel good, too.”

Genie loves to support people in being happy with themselves-whatever that means to them. For her, The Natural Lift is about more than beauty and vanity-it’s also about health, well-being and how we treat ourselves on a daily basis. All of these are areas are of lifelong interest to her. She has seen how the changes in her clients lifts their spirits, confidence and sense of well-being. And that makes her heart bloom.

Certifications and degrees:

Graduate, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

AA, Home Economics, Santa Monica College                                                                                                    BA, Home Economics, California State University, Long Beach
Master Practitioner, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)                                                                    Lifestream Massage Therapy certificate